Training Dates for NWEA CTP (Certified Trainer Program)
  • September 24-25 at ESU #11 - Holdrege
  • September 27-28 at ESU #3 - LaVista

Additionally, trainees are requested to notify Deb Hericks regarding which of the following Program Overview Webinars they will be attending prior to the September training:
  • Wednesday, June 13 2:00-3:00pm CST
  • Thursday, June 21 10:00-11:00am CST

The information for joining the conference:

Matt Blomstedt report - NWEA Certified Trainer Program

The NWEA contract is moving forward and we are waiting on a final agreeable version of the contract.

Here is a rough timeline of what is yet to happen to complete and move forward.

  • Final Contract signed / P.O. Issued: Hopefully May 3rd or May 4th.
  • Participant agreement forms emailed out to ESUs and individuals: May 4th - May 8th (Deadlines to return those will likely be ten days to two weeks out)
  • Training Dates/Locations: Based on participants availability at least one training date will be set in September. Most likely there will be an option of two training dates in September. Location times and such will be negotiated once the final contract is signed and will depend on NWEA availability. We will likely have one training at ESU 3 as we've blocked time there and I would like another training in a location yet to be determined. We may survey the participants on dates and locations. At this point, I do not think a June training is feasible. There are at least 20 hours of training materials to be covered online prior to the onsite training. Given the time constraints and informal conversations with some, I think that June should be off the table. If there is a strong sentiment otherwise, we'll see what we can do. Again, we will try to survey the participants.
  • Master Services Agreement: The formal ESU level commitment will be part of our annual Master Services Agreement. That was discussed yesterday by the ESUCC. We'll move forward with NWEA and then need to formalize commitments in the MSA by participating ESUs.
    • Conditions and terms of the NWEA contract will carry over to ESUs and individuals and that is why the contract terms were such an important part of the review. A couple of our administrators were reviewing the contract as well as our ESUCC legal counsel and a few others. Even with our changes, the terms and conditions on intellectual property rights and such are strong as the NWEA wants to ensure quality and fidelity to their product/method.

A couple general notes of interest:

Confirmed participating ESUs: Thirteen total (others may be added)
Confirmed to be trained: 30 total (others may be added)
Annual Fee for participating ESUs: $1,600 in the first year / $3,200 for successive years
Training Fee: $5,000 per person for two trainings -- billed to appropriate ESU after each training is conducted
Total Contract/P.O.: $254,000 (for all trainings and three years fees)