• Work in Groups
  • Review the Mission and Purpose of SDA
  • Using the DISCUSSION TAB, document your group's consensus regarding
    • what do we need to KEEP
    • what do we need to ADD
    • what do we need to DELETE
  • Each Table group will submit 3 separate posts - one for KEEP, one for ADD, one for DELETE

Section 2 — Purpose: The purpose of SDA is to support school improvement efforts of Nebraska’s school districts and to provide professional development for school district personnel, primarily in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and leadership in order to improve student learning. SDA strives to support the educational initiatives of the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE).

Section 3 — Mission: The mission of SDA is to positively impact learning through statewide collaboration, leadership, and shared expertise.
The Mission is formally reviewed at the September SDA Business Meeting in years that are evenly divisible by five.

(NOTE: the following section was revised in 2010-2011 and is being provided for context only)
Section 4 — Belief Statements:
We believe
  • Every student is deserving of a high quality education that encourages and supports lifelong learning.
  • Professional development is founded on standards of excellence. (NSDC Standards for Staff Development)
  • The work to which we aspire embraces service, collaboration, best practice, and diversity.