The mission of SDA is to positively impact learning through statewide collaboration, leadership, and shared expertise.
Business Meeting Norms
  1. Engage in open and honest dialogue.
  2. Honor diversity of ideas and practices.
  3. Share information, knowledge, and expertise.
  4. Exhibit professional behavior.



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May 3, 2016

SDA Business meeting
ESU #10, Kearney, 10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Celebration Welcome--Kate
Mentor/Mentee Lunch--Meet on your own if you choose :)

Review Business Norms (stated above)
Welcome guests:
Joel Bednar, new Staff Developer at ESU 15

Opening Activity--Kate

ESUCC Update: Dave

NDE Updates
  • Valorie/Jeremy
    • Grades 5-8 move forward with ELA test design - Range finding is occurring on the 5-8 field test
      • Issues have not risen on TDA or electronic test items
      • In general 95% of students were done in about 1 hour
      • Over half of students completed test within 30 minutes
    • DRC Contract will go to State Board in an effort to build stability in the testing
    • Grades 3-4 TDA- Research is being conducted.
      • huge response to pilot test and range finding is occurring
      • a pilot can not be counted as a field test. NDE is considering moving this back one year to allow time to field test to provide instruction in classrooms
      • Cognitive labs- students completed survey questions as a think aloud to discover how students thought through the question initially and then again after students completed the assessment. Data collected as to how students responded.
      • Schools would benefit from professional development in regard to this assessment and standards
    • 11th grade- LB930 2018 All students will take the ACT- No NeSA or standardized tests required
      • Considering running a pilot in 16-17- gathering data from school districts
      • Current NE participation on ACT is 88% currently
    • Assessment Accountability Advisory meeting will be held- inclusive of SDA members and schools in the ACT pilot in addition to others
    • Post Secondary and NDE will also meet for conversation
    • Math Assessment will include College and career ready and technology enhanced
    • Science will not be field testing as standards will be ready fall of 2017
    • C4L- available in fall of 2017- inclusive of tech enhanced questions
    • NDE Assessment has been asked to revision what assessment will look like- releasing a new RFP with a more full vision around the assessment AQuESTT tenet
    • Writing Assessment- Grades 8 and 11 are at risk because of operational issues-- research is being conducted
      • All special education assessment did not have spell check- these will all be reviewed with an understanding of this deficit
    • Writing Grade 4 decision will occur before admin days
  • Sara C.
  • Lenny V. Math Update Lenny's Powerpoint
    • Matt Larson president of NCTM formerly of Lincoln public schools
    • Midwest Mathematics Meeting of the Minds: MO, NE, IA, KS- professional growth- several SDA members attend
      • RE-Thinking Acceleration in Math- Acceleration starting in 9th grade (KS) because the standards are rigorous and they need the time to complete them in 8th grade
    • Principles to Action- Math Cadre Book Study-
      • Big Idea- understanding not memorization, communication about math
    • Fall NATM Conference- September 9 in Kearney (Cadre meets on Sept. 8)
      • Dan Meyer keynote
    • Standards revision-
      • Summer 2016 write pilot test items
      • Spring 2017 NESA-M will reflect legacy standards
      • Spring 2017 pilot new test items
      • Spring 2017 write additional test items
      • Spring 2018 NESA-M reflects new standards
    • This is the last year of the math grant but they are included in NATM in the fall
  • Erin K.
  • Matt H.- ESU 7 collaboration
    • Data sets aligned to AQuESTT
    • What programs are ESUs providing, What are districts asking for and how does it align to how well districts appear to be doing
    • This will allow ESUs to align their programs to requests of their member districts- provides the catalyst to conversation
    • Looking for a database system to house the information because is so grand in content
    • CIP workshop dates and locations have been set

Strategists Report: Suzanne
  • Since our January SDA meeting, the strategists have met 3 times: March 17, April 4, and May 2
  • Topics discussed included:
    • ESUCC Updates - Dave Ludwig, Scott Isaacson, and Deb Hericks
    • NDE updates - Freida Lange
    • NWEA Updates and Contract - Julie Downing
    • Examined and discussed Teacher/Principal Evaluation Model Survey Results
    • Final Preparations of Facilitation ToP and Danielson Trainings and evaluation results
    • November SDA Training at ESU 3 - Close Reading of Text with Explicit Instruction, Dr. Anita Archer
      • November 9, 2017 - Focus on Elementary Levels K-5
      • November 10, 2017 - Focus on Secondary Levels 6-12
      • Creating a flyer with times, registration information, and fee
    • Future of April Trainings
      • Scheduled SDA Training Dates - April 11-12, 2017
      • AQuESTT - April 10-11, 2017
      • NETA - April 20-21, 2017
    • Our next meeting is scheduled for June 10 at ESU 3

Teacher/Principal Evaluation Model Survey Results: Kate

Raw data as it was submitted

Compiled data information
Teacher/Principal Evaluation Summary

April Training Debriefs--Janet
  • What strategies have you used?
  • What do you plan to use?

Future of April trainings--Kate
AQuESTT dates:
  • April 10 & 11, 2017
  • April 16 & 17, 2018
  • April 29 & 30, 2019

We will continue to hold the April 12th date, but as of now, no training is scheduled. We will wait and see if specific needs arise in the fall.
We believe that this training will be held in Kearney to eliminate additional travel if a training does occur.

Cadre Reports:
  • Science: Deb P.
    • KICKS institutes; Norfollk- Earth Science, North Platte- Physical Science
      • Grades k-5 are full but registration are constant state of flux so encourage registration
      • LINKS- June 27-29
        • Day 1- 250 participants
        • Day 2-3- 70 LINKS participants Best Practices in Science Instruction- how do you engage children in authentic learning
        • Representation across all ESUs statewide
  • Math: Marci O.
    • Lenny said it all
  • Literacy: Suzanne W.

      • Dates for Next Year's Meetings
      • August 23, 2016 meeting at NCSA building in Lincoln
      • December 16, 2016 meeting at NCSA building in Lincoln and if requested during ESUPDO January 18 or 19, 2017
      • March 16, 2017 Kearney unless the agenda is lite then zoom
      • Book Study for next year Visible Learning for Literacy by Fisher, Frey, and Hattie

  • Data: Marilou
    • See link at the bottom of May 3 meeting page
    • Request from Data Committee --- if you have an interest please join an Ad Hoc Committee
    • At bottom of document are email contacts to connect with if you want to join a committee
    • CIP workshops will involve Data Literacy professional learning- There is a need for facilitators to assist with this content. Facilitators would be trained on content.

  • Learning Opportunity: Debbie S.
    • There is a need for more participants. Register today as a decision to run this workshop or not will be made by mid-month.

  • Learning Opportunity: Jen Madison via Suzanne
    • Nebraska Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (NASCD)
    • Diana Browning Wright - Adverse Experiences and Toxic Stress, Effects on Learning and What Every Teacher and Administrator Can do
    • June 23, 2016 8:30 - 3:00 (registration at 8:00), Lincoln Berean Church, South 70th St., Lincoln, NE
    • NASCD Affiliate Members: $125, Non-Members: $150
    • Register at:

  • Learning Opportunity: Suzanne
    • Marzano TOT - February 22-23, 2017 (Feb. 22 p.m. Holiday Inn Downtown, Lincoln & Feb. 23 a.m. ESU 6)
      • 16 to 17 participants
    • Marzano Academy VII - ESU 4, 6, and 9
      • Dates are being set


Fall Dates:
  • Sept. 28 @ LLC, Norfolk
  • Sept. 29 @ ESU 10
  • Sept. 30 @ ESU 3
  • Oct. 3 @ ESU 13
  • October 4 @ ESU 16

3rd cohort is established and will receive training
Wednesday 2:15 Meeting- Topics of conversation Formative Assessment training opportunity and Nebraska aligned work-
Marci will coordinate statewide NWEA during 2016-2017

Mission/Vision Reflection--Jeff and Rhonda

  • Vote to accept Motioned by Stephanie Wanek and Seconded by Caryn Ziettlow
  • Motion voted upon and accepted.
  • Link to the summary of activities that have been done this regard regarding Vision/Mission work led by Jeff M. and Rhonda J.

Bucket Groups:
  • How does our mission/vision tie into our Bucket Groups?

Honor Members Who Will Not be Returning Next Year:
  • Jill Johnson-ESU 6
  • Emily Jameson-ESU 10
  • Mickey Carlson-ESU 7
  • John Thomsen- ESU 3

Honor Retiring Member
  • Barb Friesth-ESU 7

Data Cadre Ad-Hoc Committee


January 19, 2016

SDA Business meeting
ESU #10, Kearney, 10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Celebration Welcome--Suzanne
Mentor/Mentee Lunch--Own your own if you choose to meet

Review Business Norms (stated above)

Welcome guests: Jason Sutton, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Kearney Public Schools

Strategist Report
  • potential changes to future SDA changes
  • review of NWEA and Bucket group surveys
  • Budget proposals

ESUCC Update-Dave

Legislative update: short session
Share across the state what we do, how effective we are- continue dialogue

  • No new projects
  • Revising plan to better communicate progress
  • Adviser Dashboard moving forward
    • Pilot districts limited roll out this spring
  • single sign on- 36 participants (ESU, districts

NDE Update-Freida

Equity Plan Information and how it ties to AQuESTT--Pat Madsen
  • Submitted June 1/resubmitted and approved in October
  • Posted on NDE website Federal Programs
  • Required all states have a plan- It is a fluid document
  • Calculated equity gap
    • out of field teachers
    • new teachers
    • unqualified
    • did not recognize gaps in teachers
    • found gaps in achievement of students
      • working through AQuESTT - bringing awareness about equity and providing effective educators for all students specifically effective educators
      • Priority schools will be a priority

ESSA: What Does It Mean for Our State--Diane Stuehmer

Reauthorization of ESSA- Every Student Succeeds Act
  • Comfortable that slight tweeks to AQuESTT are necessary but not a concern- aligns well
  • Standards and assessment - specific not required, test in 3-8 and once in high school
  • Review data of all students

  • Parameters set for accountability system but states in control allow flexibility
    • Proficiency on state test
    • English language acquisition- Move from Title III to Title I
    • High school graduation
    • Participation is a stand alone- 95%
    • State determines teacher evaluation system

  • SIG Grant rolled into Title I- State determines how funds are distributed
    • Support to lower performing schools
    • low graduation rates
  • AYP will most likely not be determined this year
  • Title C- Migrant grant changes
  • Title III - no changes
  • Title IV- New Student support and academic enrichment grant
  • LEAs receiving 30,000 or more must support one of the shared activities
  • State and district report cards still required
  • Parent information sharing still required
  • Districts must continue to share and post assessment information
  • Districts must inform ELL identification
  • EL- English learners

Latest information on EBA Reports--Sue Anderson

  • Districts did not receive an opportunity for adjustment of classification/schools only for first implementation (110 schools received an adjustment)
  • Systems of support
    • this section was not required but most people made comment-
      • State level- and ESU level supports
        • Professional development received most requests followed by technical support and then other
        • Top Items for PD include: strategies to support students monitoring and managing own learning and student learning plans, how to measure and address student engagement, curriculum alignment to career ready standards, utilizing formative assessment, measuring and addressing teacher engagement, evaluating educational programs,
        • Technical supports: using perceptual data, addressing highly mobile students, online learning, technology infrastructure meets needs of staff, measuring and supporting student learning, student learning plans, students monitoring there own learning
        • Other: addressing needs of highly mobile students, on time grade completion for all students, processes to prepare students for transition, before and after school programs, partnerships for extended learning programs
    • 87 schools in needs improvement- they will receive assistance with their work as a priority
    • NDE receiving mixed reactions to the EBA
    • EBA: Evidence based yet no one had to provide evidence. As this is work in progress the EBA will be reviewed and at some point evidence may be required.
    • April 18-19 AQuESTT Conference: Joellen Killion is keynote, EBA data will be a focus
      • Registration and call for presentation will be available within the next few weeks.
Designation Process
  • Data review and information submitted in EBA- as 4 themes emerged conversations across the department continued to review and converse about whom to select for support with an expanded profile
  • 4 themes: rural school, large urban schools, native American schools, demographically transitioning

What is the proposed role of ESUs
  • NDE and service units will want to work collaboratively to provide support

Evaluation Models: What is available and how do we get schools on board?--Donlynn Rice
  • No longer the need for the wavier yet we will continue to see this as a priority
  • State board sub committee to review the process and will make recommendation at the March board reading
    • resources available by June 1
    • effective practices training for principal and superintendent- contact Donlynn if you want training at your ESU
      • need at least 2 hours for training
  • Staff developers are encouraged to continue support to districts in development of models
  • ESU Directors will be asked to respond on a google doc the level of implementation in regard to instructional models so ESU CC and review the progress toward implementation

State Board Strategic Planning
  • To occur within the next months

Social Studies Update-Harris Payne

  • Spring and summer program planning: share ideas with Harris today if possible
  • Geographic Information Systems: Workshops held across the state with representation of teachers across the state
    • "school houses" - teachers applied to receive a free GIS site license
      • soliciting examples of what teachers are doing with this technology
      • will look to share this information so all teachers will have access
  • LB868
    • successful completion of civics test as a requirement for graduation
    • must achieve 80%
    • New bill shared January 11

Danielson Training Options
  • many staff developers attending the 6 day TOT with Sue Presler - hosted by ESU 3
  • April 6th training- One day at ESU 3. Registration deadline is February 29th. It will then be opened to participants from schools
  • Number of registrants is low thus the higher registration fee. If we can include more participants the fee will be reduced

Facilitation Training
  • April 5- TOPs Facilitators- content to include responsibilities of facilitators, team building activities,effective meeting design, strategies to encourage in depth conversations
  • Registration deadline February 29. It will then be open to districts

Results Driven Accountability
  • Focus on coordination of school improvement - looking at all students in regard to achievement
  • RDA- goal to reduce the gap for students with disabilities
  • RDA- goes beyond RTI and MTSS
  • RDA- outcomes based
    • plan created through ILCD (tool for discussion) to close the gap
    • aligned with AQuESTT
    • everyone is in a different place toward implementation
    • May 2016 plan to work toward linking RDA to school improvement processes to provide consistency- unification
    • Conversations occurring to promote partnership with NDE to provide support toward this continuous improvement in districts

November 2016 SDA Training
  • Anita Archer- TDA elementary TDA secondary training

April 2017
  • Tentative plan to host training suggested by Leadership bucket- focus on feedback to support Teacher/Principal evaluation with Pete Hall or Robyn Jackson
  • Request for SDA members to consider if, because of busy schedules we eliminate/postpone the training
    • Can we add this training to a different month- not April
    • Financially three conferences in one month forces choice- can't go to all
    • We should leave this so that we have the opportunity for growth
    • Can we do this during ESU PDO? This will support integration of all affiliate groups
    • We would like to include a 'learning component' each time we meet so we can continue being learners
    • We will facilitate 2 trainings in 2016-2017
      • The April training will be integrated if possible with ESU PDO training
    • DL when the topic suits DL
    • This would occur during a meeting day and not the affiliate date
    • We will keep the April dates on hold and do further research

SDA Vision/Mission Follow-up-Jeff and Rhonda (30 minutes)

  • September 2015- what are our values and beliefs- belief statements created
  • November- December 2015- Ad hoc committee works toward vision and mission
  • January 2015- SDA adoption

Cadre Updates
    • Science - Deb Paulman
      • LINKS- June 26-29 linked to statewide Nebraska Vision of Science
        • 3 dimensional learning - content, practice and cross cutting content
        • Each service unit should nominate up to 4 participants to attend (k-2, 3-5, high school representative)
          • Deb will send a fillable pdf to ESUs to share names
        • June 27- statewide opportunity- science instruction. This has been shared with all secondary science teachers. We need to share this information with the elementary teachers- this event is free
        • Stipend, lodging for longer distances
      • KICKS- 12th summer of offering pd. Share information and recruit for upcoming training
    • Math-Marci O.
      • November meeting- looking to meet twice yearly
      • Lenny will lead in a book club discussion with Math cadre
      • Math Grant
        • 3rd session ends Friday
        • Summer enhancement- June 7-8 Makey Makey Drones early in Kearney and STEM end of June, SMAR model
    • Literacy - Suzanne
      • Meeting Thursday- identify what close reading is to create an instructional snapshot of what it is and is not
      • Collection of materials to support TDA via google folders- contact Suzanne if you do not have a person on the cadre from your ESU

NWEA Update - Julie
  • Survey- twice yearly webinar model works well- continue
  • Tech difficulty will be fixed with webinar to be launched in May
  • Request for support for MAP for primary and Skills Navigator
  • Request of Jenna to inform ESUs when she works with a building
  • Several persons will not continue with certification
  • Gathering names for the 3rd cohort
  • People appreciate Jenna's support
  • Contract discussions will continue
  • Spring regional dates and locations to be announced --- will most likely occur the week of April 4th

Eileen - Executive Leadership Program Learning Opportunity from Learning Forward Nebraska
Interest --
  • Executive Leadership program to address change and the leadership standard
  • 10 educators from Waverly, 6 members from SDA or district administration working through a pilot
  • Invitation to offer additional training
    • 3 daylong sessions
    • 3 webinars
    • 3 communities of practice- small group meets to reflect on problems of practice
  • Members of Nebraska Learning Forward have access to the materials
  • See link to give feedback via a survey
  • Learning Forward will host NebED chat #nebedchat-- Wednesday evening 8 PM. Hampton will be a host site if you want to participate with the chat in a small group.

Debbie - Standards, Assessment and Grading Workshop OpportunityAssessment and Grading Workshop Opportunity
  • Papillion La Vista South High School will be the host site
  • July 14-15

Introduction of New Strategist--Kate
  • Geographic location
  • area of specialization
  • leadership qualities
  • Involvement is SDA
  • Willingness and availability to serve
  • Marci Ostermeyer- Whoot-Whoot

SDA Budget Proposal Update--Kate

    • November 9 and 10, 2016: Anita Archer, Text Dependent Analysis

Bucket Groups
    • Survey Results
      • 30 people completed the survey
      • Does the goal of the Bucket Teams need to be revised? - Yes 12, No 18
      • Should we continue with Bucket Groups - Yes 20, No 10
        • Yes Results: 11 redefined and/or rename, 9 stay the same

    • Review current purpose and plan SDA opportunities
      • The goal of the Bucket Team process is to identify, propose, and plan SDA professional development opportunities that support the Mission of SDA through collaborative, collegial conversations.
      • The intent is for each bucket area (assessment/data, curriculum, instruction, leadership) to be addressed at least once every 2-3 years; this process will remain flexible based on current educational trends and mandates.

    • Discussion Items (small group discussion, then share out with the entire group):
      • Do we need additional groups?
      • Do we wish to rename? (Advisory Groups?)
  • Considerations:
    • Align with AQuESTT tp support the identified needs of school districts
    • Little Dippers- Under the umbrella of the bucket title use data to determine sub-group continue to support the statewide initiatives
    • Major vote was to work with current bucket names and add subgroups with a focus on AQuESTT

    • Members select Bucket Groups. Guiding question for each group:
      • How do the discussions in your group align with the vision/mission of SDA?

Reminder: PDO check in-8:00 a.m. The meeting will start promptly at 8:30 a.m.

September 17, 2015

SDA Business Meeting

ESU #3 LaVista, 8:30-2:30

8:30am Welcome
Introduce SDA Strategist Team (Kate)
Any additions to the agenda?

Electronic connections: SDA Wiki, DL

SDA Norms (Kate)

Welcome Guests:
NDE Partners
Dee Hoge, Curriculum Instruction and Assessment Director, Bennington Public School

Introduce/Recognize New SDA members: (Respective ESUs introduce new members)

Caryn Ziettlow, Kelly Grinnell, Gary Nunnally, Eileen Barks (ESU 2)
Julee Sauer, Christine Qualman, Jen Haggert (early learning coordinator) (ESU 3)
Megan Hammer, (ESU 6)
Mickey Carlson, Angel Story (early learning coordinator) (ESU 7)
Kristen Slechta (ESU 9)
Amy Trauernicht (ESU 13)
Alison Smith and Amy Richards-Early Learning Coordinator (ESU 16)

Opening Activity: Find Someone Who (Kate)
A rigorous game of People Bingo was fun for all. Everyone was a winner.

SDA membership information- update (Kate)

Request from Kate

Dave L
    • ADVISER update 9/15 understanding of the picture of the system
    • Dave and Scott can respond to questions as they arise- l
    • EAP list- consider the 'why' -- a purpose statement will be developed so we can keep the focus where it needs to be- student achievement
Scott I
    • Technology Plan highlights:
      • 7 pilot districts SOS framework
      • 30 Early Adopter schools
      • Developing a priority of applications
      • Common backup and recovery system development
      • Data store updated in real time- how can we utilize this data

external image ByLaws.257122355_std.jpg
SDA Bylaws-(Denise/Jeff)

    • Jeff lead the review this summer with a small group of staff developers
    • Review included a look at current language, changes were suggested and made and rational to changes were identified to provide common understanding
    • Changes include: more visionary, names to strategist 1 and 2, direction to organization for strategist vacancies as/if they occur, language clean up
    • Moved Michelle Kezler, Second Debbie Schraeder
    • Conversation: Strategist role change to be less prescriptive in regard to Bucket Group tasks
    • 2/3 members have voted in favor of approval of Bylaws

Amendment Proposal (Denise)

ESUCC Update /PDO Structure and Explanation of Statewide Training Protocol (Dave)

PDO Debrief (Julie)
    • Julie represents SDA on ESUPDO planning committee
    • Please share needs ideas for future meetings with Julie or any strategist
    • Take Aways from Sept. 15/16
      • DRC data review of our districts
      • What, So What, Now What
      • AQuESSTT Summary
      • Agenda is helpful to all
      • Dave's acronym monologue
      • Autocrat support from Jackie
      • AdvancED meeting to support upcoming training
      • ADVISER- Ron Cone video that was sent later
      • You are not alone if you didn't understand the ADVISER presentation
      • Conference sessions
      • DRS time to explore

external image b7SQSAQdh04HlgW7D6AGjfC2tRdfQhLDxbKG7HzR6-SlCgX-3lpXcMwSnBFcBiZMkUV5IWCBmCkJmqXJ1H-HlZYFIkI9ainH0nyiPtEWOKqn38u0oedcc5BR6TeA_5JxqNda-NuHWQ

SDA Mission Revision Process (Jeff M. and Rhonda J.)

    • Full Presentation (posted following the session)
      • Bernhardt Process Protocol (pg 360)
      • Card Sort- mission, vision, values, standards, beliefs, goals
      • In the ppt- click on SDA button on slide 5 for key and sorting pieces for further use
      • Mission- focus
      • Vision- where are we headed
      • Values- what we believe
    • How are values, mission, beliefs essential to an organization effectiveness?
      • allows individuals to examine personal beliefs against organization beliefs
      • helps me to understand where I fit in the organization
      • keep the group work focus and directed
    • Core Values reflect the culture of the organization
    • Small committee will refine the statements created in the small groups'
      • collaboration, service, professionalism, effectiveness, leadership
    • Process was effective- pre-work helpful, examples provided guidance, moved quickly, outside education examples helpful for us to consider

Strategist Report (Suzanne)-
    • 2 meetings since May meeting 2015
    • Early Adopter and roles ESU will play in support
    • Membership requests
    • NDE updates
    • Bucket Groups- where do we go
    • Mentoring needs
    • Crisis Response trainings
    • Upcoming events

Mentoring Update (Suzanne)
    • Mentors/Mentees will meet during lunch.
    • Thank you to our great mentors and WELCOME to our new members
    • Mentees will receive Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck

November Workshop with Cassie Erkens (Kate)

Register by Sept. 30, 2015. We will determine how many school people can be invited by each ESU in October.

Marzano Academy Update (Suzanne)
    • Academy VI is hosted by ESU 4 and 9- forms sent for registrations with dates set
    • 10 teams are needed
    • All trainings Holiday Inn Lincoln
    • 20.5 teams in current academy

Danielson TOT Opportunity (Janet)
    • Janet will send out information asking ESUs to check with districts about potential participation. She will request that those interested will share the dates they can make work for the training and we will select dates that have the most participants
    • Cost will be dependent on the number of participants who wish to participate
    • Training will be hosted at ESU 3- 3 sets of 2 day trainings

Crisis Team Update (Denise)

    • Jolene Palmer has joined the Crisis Team Planning group
    • Please share the training options with your districts. We must have 50 people register to run the session
    • Training dates and options for next year will be set
    • Roster included below

Science Update (Deb P., Kellen, Sheree and Marci)

Kicks summer 2015
Life Science first part of June
27 K-12 teacher participants
week 1 at Bluffs Middle School in Scottsbluff
week 2 at UNK

Physical Science mid June
63 K-12 teacher participants
Millard West Senior High was our host site

LINKS mid July
32 teacher leaders from across the state gathered in Omaha at ESU 3. Many thanks to Sheree and Sara for putting that 3 day training together.
NGSS or 3D instruction was the focus for this event

Next summer 2016

Earth Science @ NECC in Norfolk Je 6-16

Physical Science @ No Platte Senior High in North Platte, Je 14-24

October 28th-
Ken Wesson to host workshop at ESU 3 from 1-4 PM at ESU 3
Developing Academic Language in the Context of Learning
Free to all attending

Science Olympiad
    • Dates and locations to be finalized

Here is the link for the Elementary Science Olympiad presentation that will be shared at NATS.

Math Update (Debbie S.)
    • Norfolk, ESU 3, Kearney host sites
    • Elementary and Secondary opportunities are still available
    • Grades 3-6 sessions will be facilitated by Wayne State faculty
    • 7-12 sessions will be facilitated by Neal Elliot and Neal Grandgenette

NWEA Update (Julie)
Introduce Jenna Gifford, new NWEA Nebraska Account Manager
New Corhort-Spring 2016

    • Contract was put into master agreement for one year only because we need to refine this to best meets our needs
    • Suzanne will send a survey to all so we can communicate our needs

April Workshops (Janet)
    • April 5: Facilitation Training
      • Technology of Participation
      • Survey will be sent to gather information for presenters to develop content for learning
      • Registration to open at a later date
    • April 6: Charlotte Danielson Overview
      • Sue Presler
      • Registration to open at a later date
    • Danielson TOT Coordinators (3 volunteers)
      • ESU 3

Professional Learning Opportunity
Narrowing the Achievement Gap for Under-Resourced Students

Nebraska ASCD would like to invite you and school personnel from your region to participate in our annual Fall Conference!

This fall, Patti Albright will be back to help participants apply their knowledge of theFramework for Understanding Poverty. Please see the attached flyer for details.

Bucket Group Conversations (Kate)
    • Are the Bucket Groups working?
    • Should the Bucket Groups be restructured around AQuESTT?
    • Do we need to go back to a needs assessment?

Instruction, Leadership, Curriculum Assessment


    • Like the concept but it seems we have three big buckets and hard to work in the larger groups so can we move to smaller groups
    • AQuESTT should be a PDO initiative
    • Recommendation to keep us thoughtfully looking for potential training- groups must study what we need rather than voting with a sticker
    • Bucket groups we have align to the AQuESTT tenants- small groups need to continue look for training options and strategists make final determinations
    • Perhaps add a bucket or two that is not currently aligned to AQuESTT
    • Do we need a needs assessment
    • Bucket groups may feel too large and is a production of a tool necessary-- how do we get this done effectively with our limited meeting
    • Do we need to define the purpose of the bucket groups
    • Small group meet to discuss how to make the buckets most effective
    • Buckets must be purposeful
    • Buckets originated from our training needs several years ago and how do we keep ourselves up on most current research and ideas/capacity building
    • Question to PDO planning committee - can we create a bucket group structure associated with AQuESTT tenants
      • We need to define purpose of 'buckets'
    • Can each bucket create their own goal
    • Bucket groups need to be refined, more purposeful,
Keep the buckets
      • Need to identify which tenants align to which bucket
        January- allow people to change groups
      • Purpose and goal of bucket should be put up front so we can select the group that best meets needs and goals for professional learning

    • Bucket group leaders communicate current action plan
    • What are needs that can be written into the budget by January
    • January- time during SDA meeting select your bucket group and define purpose and goals- persons can move to other bucket groups if they feel the bucket originally chosen does not meet needs.
    • New SDA members can review the bucket pages and email the leader to communicate an interest

Motion to adjourn meeting by Debbie Schraeder seconded by Dallas

11:30: Lunch (Mentors/Mentees will be eating lunch together as a group)
Mentor group goes first

NDE Updates (if these individuals don't speak at PDO)**
Cory Epler – ELA SIT and Professional Development (Zoom: 1:00)
    • New math standards were approved September 4th
    • Vertical and horizontal versions are available on the website
    • Comparison to common core - Education Week review - quick analysis says are standards are more teacher friendly and as rigorous
    • NDE Curriculum and Instruction Page- Standards Instructional Tool instructional resources tool is
    • Specific teaching strategies link back to standards 10th grade available
      • Elementary-- go to the current SIT and they will continue to add
    • New documents and pdfs spreadsheets in math are in the works for school use
    • Making it stick Webinars- archived
    • Nebraska Statewide Needs Assessment in Math and Science- MSP Grant
      • This has been shared with all districts- to date 600-700 respondents
      • We can continue to promote participation through end of September

Education Week Review of Standards Blog

Valorie Foy – Statewide Assessment (on-site)

    • NeSA writing stays the same in 15-16- no decisions regarding any changes to this assessment in the future
      • This writing is different from the Text Dependent Analysis that will be part of the NeSA -ELA
    • NeSA math- Transition to begin now
    • NeSA ELA- College and Career Ready
      • Reading and writing brought together
      • Rubric for scoring available soon
      • New item types
        • Evidence based
        • Constructed response
        • Auto Scored Constructed Response (technology enhanced)
        • Text-Dependent Analysis- respond to a writing prompt based on the passage
          • 4 -10 short answer items rely on close reading of complex text
          • prompt for TDA (writing response)
          • Word count will appear on the screen for students
          • Word limit is 6000 words but it is NOT expected that students would write that much
    • 2016- 5-8, 11 MC- revised to CCR and new item types, text dependent field tests
    • 2016 3-4 MC - revised to CCR, new item types No text dependent
    • 2018 fully transitioned
    • ELA transition workshop--
      • Scottsbluff Oct 8-9
      • Lincoln-Oct. 12-13
      • Omaha- Oct. 14-15
      • West Point- Oct. 19-20
      • Kearney Oct. 21-22
    • Text Dependent Analysis and Rubric Review and scoring
      • Scottsbluff- Nov. 11
      • Kearney- NOv. 12
      • Norfolk- Nov. 13
      • Lincoln- Nov. 16
      • Omaha- Nov. 18
Harris Payne – Social Studies Update (on-site)
    • 4th grade support for Virtual Capitol Tour
    • Atlas - Geography Alliance created
      • Workshop participants will receive up to 25 copies free
    • Giganto map can be purchased-- PIE grant can be used to purchase for service unit and schools
        • Lessons have been developed for map instruction across content areas
    • Workshop planning- Each ESU can request to be a host for workshops and decisions will be made as to where they will be held

Deb Romanek – Math Update (VIRTUAL – this may change, but for now this is what I have regarding Deb – if she can’t Cory will fill in)
    • Cory shared information regarding math update

Beth Kabes - BlendEd (on-site)
Tools brought to us through ESU CC
    • NROC- Nebraska membership
    • EdReady - math focus
        • Diagnostic assessment will provide weaknesses and strengths with support for further learning