The mission of SDA is to positively impact learning through statewide collaboration, leadership, and shared expertise.
Business Meeting Norms
  1. Engage in open and honest dialogue.
  2. Honor diversity of ideas and practices.
  3. Share information, knowledge, and expertise.
  4. Exhibit professional behavior.

ESUCC/PDO Calendar

2014 - 2015 Meetings
  • Mon/Tues: July 28 & 29, 2014, Kearney
    • Data Literacy Training Monday, July 28 at ESU #10 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
      July 29 at Ramada Inn 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • Tues: July 29, 2014, Ramada Inn
    • Preview before NDE Administrator Days: 5:00-7:00pm
  • Tues/Weds: Sept. 16 & 17, ESU 3, LaVista
    • ESUPDO: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
  • Thurs: Sept. 18, ESU 3, LaVista
    • SDA Meeting 8:30 am - 2:00 pm
  • Tues/Weds: Nov. 11 & 12, ESU 3, LaVista
    • SDA Training: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm (Nov. 11) 8:30am-3:00pm (Nov. 12) - Rigorous Curriculum Design
  • Thurs: Nov. 13, ESU 3, LaVista
    • IMAT/TAG Training: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm - Copyright
  • Tues: Jan. 20, 2015, ESU 10, Kearney
    • SDA Meeting: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Weds/Thurs: Jan. 21 & 22, 2015, ESU 10, Kearney
    • ESUPDO: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Weds: Apr. 8, 2015, LCC, Norfolk
    • SDA Training: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm - Instructional Model/BlendEd
  • Thurs: Apr. 9, 2015, LCC, Norfolk
    • SDA Training: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm - NWEA Informing Instruction Certified Trainers Workshop
  • Tues: May 5, 2015, ESU 10, Kearney
    • SDA Meeting: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
    • Golf Outing: 4:00 pm with Steak Dinner to follow
  • Weds/Thurs: May 6 & 7, 2015, ESU 10, Kearney
    • ESUPDO: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
    • PDO Celebration Dinner: May 6, 6:00 - 8:30 pm
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May 5, 2015

SDA Business Meeting
ESU 10 Kearney, NE 10:00am-3:00pm
Conference Room B
Current Membership List
ESUSDA e-mail list - add yourself if necessary

10:00am Welcome- Celebrating SDA
Introduce guest(s): Numerous NDE guests are with us today. Welcome.
Electronic Connections: SDA Wiki, DL Connection Dial:
Review Norms
Any additions to the agenda?
ESUCC/PDO Calendar
Strategist Report- Janet
The Strategists discussed NWEA and the Bucket Group work in addition to the professional learning that will continue next year.

ESUCC Update- Scott
ESUCC is working on a team approach to lots of projects that they are currently working on. Also working to improve communication. Developing a website that highlights and updates progress on ESUCC projects. COOP: Annual Buy has now been closed. The process went much more smoothly this year than last. Mike Denehey will be in charge of the SIS. The Board is currently discussing which subscriptions should be purchased. There is lots of work to be done on the statewide LOR. Safari costs have increased drastically. Some ESUs may choose to work with Safari, but it will not be statewide. Individual Single Sign On project is progressing. Signed a contract with UNICON. LMS Project: at this time we cannot choose 1 system to endorse statewide. Looking at BlackBoard, Moodle, Canvas, and Schoology. ADVISOR Dashboard: 9 pilot schools. In about 2 weeks those districts should have live data to look at. Early adopters will have live data in the spring of next year.

Legislative Updates- Dave Ludwig
  • LB402: Distance Ed bill. Trying to continue same monetary level of support as what has happened in the past in order to have education be equitable across the state. is not amended with LB519 (Lottery funds). We won't get $500000 but we will get $150000 for sending and $300000 for receiving.
  • LB343: Failed to pass through general file. (Programs of Excellence) Has been put in as an amendment in LB525 (Technical Cleanup Bill). $2 million is attached to this, but only for 1 year.
  • LB478: (Bonding authority for ESUs) More than likely, this won't come out of committee. Level of core funding decreased of 5% and is at a 0% growth. We don't have a strong enough voice in the Legislature. Trying to organize an ESU tour so senators can see facilities and maintenance needs. Can also share with them so they see what we are doing locally and on a state level. This will also help us celebrate the 50 years that ESUs have been in existence. Dave would like to put together a collective video to show what has been done the past 50 years, and then show the next 50 years so we have more of a voice in the legislature. Dave would like representation from all affiliates to create this and have it complete by Sept. 1, 2015. We also need funds for eLearning, data, and core funds. If you would like to be on this committee, contact Dave.
  • I-3 Development Grant
A grant is being written to address the need districts have to work with various agencies across the state that support students who are wards of the state. The goal is to use funds in order to make connections with other state data systems and tie it into the Data Dashboard (3 million with 3 million matching) so schools can track where their students are, and minimize the loss of instructional time. This would involve 1/3 of the students across the state.
  • Improving Communication
Dave in trying to distribute 2 newsletters per year. These newsletters will provide a list of items that are currently being worked at on at ESUCC so everyone is aware of what is going on.

  • NCSA and TAG are working to put together a conference that supports BlendED and pedagogy. Stay tuned. It used to be the Google Summit.

10:15am NDE Initiatives: 10 Minute Updates
  • Waiver and Student Achievement Data- Aprille Phillips & Matt Heusman
    • The Waiver has been submitted. (March 31) They are still waiting for feedback. They don't expect to hear anything until reauthorization has occurred. The earliest that things could move forward with this would be September.
  • NeSA- Valorie Foy (DL- Zoom)
    • NeSA testing went well this year. A few minor incidents.
    • Assessment survey was conducted. It will be presented to the State Board this week.
    • The testing window has been set for next year. That will be sent out to DACs and ESUs soon.
    • Transitioning to a new ELA assessment. 2015-16 will be a transition year. New test will be given 2016-17.
    • Average time used by 8th graders is 240 minutes. Average time for 3rd graders is 150 minutes.
    • The new test will most likely include text dependent analysis. Students will read multiple pieces of text and write a response.
    • New test will have more items that have a higher DOK and higher order thinking skills. Questions will be more open ended, not just multiple choice. This is more expensive. Contract negotiation has to be passed first.
    • Table of Specs and Performance Level Descriptors are currently being written for new test.
    • Cut scores are based on "where will a college and career ready student land?" Not just "where does a beginning or proficient student land?"
    • New Assessment Update was released the end of March first part of April.
    • Working to have iPads work for C4L next year.
    • Math Standards are being revised and reviewed. Looking for Fall approval. Will be working to transition to a new math test once those standards have been approved.
    • PD will be coming to help train schools on text dependent analysis.
  • AQuESTT- Sue Anderson
    • 767 people attended the AQuESTT Conference.
    • Matt H. is working on gathering all of the conference evaluations. A report will be posted when this is done on the AQuESTT website.
    • will be a place to post information as things are developed. One tab is for resources. A general overview of AQuESTT can be found here. SDA members can use this when working with school districts.
    • AQuESTT has an email: If you have specific questions regarding AQuESTT, you can send them to this email.
    • Timeline: More specific details about priority schools will be shared at Admin Days.
    • More info regarding the team that will be working with priority schools will be shared with us soon. This team will be referred to as the Appraisal and Intervention Team.
    • ESU folks will be a part of the Appraisal and Intervention Teams.
    • If a priority school is in an ESU, that ESU will receive communication and be involved in helping that school.
    • This system will be rolled out in stages once they have Board approval.
    • A document will be prepared to show AQuESTT tenants and Continuous Improvement Process as well as Rule 10.
    • If you are a priority school, that plan will be tied to your continuous improvement plan.
  • CIP Workshops and Summer Training- Freida Lange
    • The CIP Workshop dates have been set and sent out.
    • NDE will be visiting with SDA the evening before Admin Days. (5-7 p.m. on July 28th at ESU 10)
    • A training centered around CIP will be offered the afternoon of July 28th. Stay tuned for more details. (1-5 p.m. at ESU 10)
    • Training dates for CIP External Leaders will be set soon. Looking at May, June or August. Stay tuned. It is recommended that leaders attend at least every 2 years. However, leaders are welcome to attend every year. Webinars are also being developed in order to provide assistance.
  • Results Driven Accountability and Continuous School Improvement- Kelly Wojck (DL-Zoom)
    • Grants have changed. Office of SPED will be assisting districts with implementation of improvement plans. Targeting MTSS and expanding upon what has already been developed in the state thus far in order to improve the results of students with disabilities.
    • Collaborating with UNL is this process.
    • Soon, this group will be meeting with ESUs to determine how to best collaborate to accomplish this task. Possibly within the next month or two.
    • Looking to support all districts, regardless of whether they have implemented MTSS or not.
  • School Security- Jolene Palmer
    • "Cognito" is up and we have had the opportunity to log on.
    • NDE wants feedback in order to find bugs now before it goes out to districts in August.
    • All people at ESUs should take this training.
    • Anyone who is in contact with students should take this training.
    • The training takes an hour.
    • The link will be sent to all building principals on Aug. 1. If there are building principal changes in your ESU, please let Jolene know asap.
    • Principals can determine the timeframe that they want staff to take training. (can be a month long, or a day long.)
    • NDE wants everyone to have had the training by October 31.
    • The first of every month, a report will be sent to principals that will have a list of names of people who have completed it, and who have started it.
    • It is the district's responsibility to print off report that shows that all staff members have taken this training. Keep with Rule 10 information.
    • Staff that is hired in the middle of the year will need to take the training at that time. The link will be open until the end of the school year.
    • School Safety Standards are almost done. 90% done. More info is coming. Stay tuned.
    • Tornado drills are a part of the school standards. One will be in the first two weeks of school. The other will be in March during tornado awareness month.
    • Standards have been built similarly to others. Using "good", "better", and "best".
    • Working to develop a common language for disaster protocol so when students are in different school buildings outside of their districts, they know how to respond.
    • is a school safety site that can be referred to for planning for school safety.
    • 2017 Assessment will be done for all building in the state. 6 people will be contracted. NDE will provide the training for this security assessment. This assessment is about gathering statewide data, not about giving "dings". It is designed to determine what our needs are statewide in regard to safety and security. The team will look at school security assessment, threat assessment plan, and school safety plan.
    • 18 drills will be held during the school year (as determined by state law).
  • CTE- Gregg Christensen, NDE and Kelly Clapp, ESU 10, 15 minutes
    • Session Schedule
    • Session Descriptions
    • Career Technical Education Day Model (ESU 10)
      • Why: Informal needs assessment identified need to collaborate within career fields.
      • How does it fit with Perkins?: This opportunity addresses all 9 areas of Perkins Plan and can address Improvement Plan as well. Schedule and Session Description are shared above.
      • Perkins funds paid for working lunch, material preparation, sub reimbursement and mileage reimbursement.
      • NCE staff came to assist with this day.
      • This model provides another opportunity for NDE NCE staff to come out and connect with CTE teachers.
      • NDE NCE staff are willing to come talk to superintendents and principals at individual ESUs.
  • Data Systems- Russ Masco (DL-Zoom)
    • Start to look through statewide version of the Data Profile. This was created last year and is located on DRS secure and Public DRS Site.
    • Click on CIP icon
    • Click on CIP Progress Reports
    • Then you will see a list of reports that are available.
    • Russ will share more information on Thursday.
    • District information will be shared with ESUs.
  • Teaching Endorsements, Rule 21, 1st Year Teacher Survey, and Shortage Survey- Sharon Katt (DL-Zoom)
    • ESU 5 2015
    • Rule 21 Revision
    • Summary Rule 24
    • Teacher shortage survey information has been posted to the NDE website.
    • Survey will be revised this summer. If you would like to help with this, please contact Sharon.
    • Significant shortage in the Early Childhood area, CTE, and SPED. Trying to determine how to deal with this.
    • Nebraska does have resources to support teaches to obtain a Master's degree to get additional endorsements. This will help teaching force.
    • Rule 24 changes, primarily in SPED, will be made. Adding a SPED Director because of the demands of schools and need for that.
    • Rule 21 changes: what is a certificate and what is a permit. Definition has been included in Rule.
    • Content testing starts Sept. 1 2015. Individuals who hold a certificate prior to this date will not be required to take the test.
    • Nebraska is the 49th state to require content testing.
SDA Reports:
  • KICKS- Deb Paulman
    • Kicks By ESU
    • 100 participants.
    • You can find out who is participating from your ESU area by clicking on the link above. There is still room at the western site.
    • Instructional staff are from ESU 10 and ESU 7, 18, 3, and 15.
    • LINKS workshop on July 20-22. If you have not sent your nominations yet, please get them to Deb asap.
  • NAG will be brining Dr. Richard Cash to the area to speak about differentiated instruction for all content area teachers. He will be at ESU 13,16, 5 and 3.

  • Crisis Team Trainings 2015-2016
    • 3 Level II trainings and 2 Level 4 trainings will be offered next year.
    • A volunteer from the northeast part of the state is needed to help coordinate these trainings. Please contact Denise if you are interested.
    • Next year Shari Lovry will be coming to Nebraska in February to present information about practical applications for preparing for crisis response. Information can be found on the above link. Online training options are available as well.
    • Schools can register now.
  • Marzano Academy V- Suzanne
    • Academy is full with 20 teams.
    • 2016-17 Academy are set at June 9, 10, Sept. 27 & 28,2016. Feb. 21 & 22, 2017. at the Holiday Inn downtown Lincoln.
    • Have to have 10 teams in order to host an Academy. If interested, contact Shawn Duncan.
    • If you have a team from your ESU, you will receive emails so you receive the same info the schools do.
  • Math Grant- Debbie S
    • Deadline to have schools register is Sept. 1. You can see who is registering from your area on the link.
    • The first event is scheduled for Sept. 14th.
    • Extra grant money will be used to provide opportunities for teachers in June.
    • New instructors will be used this year. The instructors at the elementary level are from Wayne State.
  • Assessment Training with Cassie Erkens November 11-12, 2015 at ESU 3
    • Save the date.
    • Kate and Amy will talk with Cassie next week to finalize details.
    • ESU 5 will have Cassie Erkens in June 1 and 2, 2015. You are welcome to attend. Information will be posted soon.
  • NWEA- Amy and Suzanne; Deb Hericks
    • Informing Instruction TOT completing assignments; Will be determining dates for Focusing on Growth TOT in the fall.
    • Please let ESUCC/Deb know how many people are going to continue in training ASAP. Need this to complete contract with NWEA.
    • New Contract rates for ESU's
      • Upfront- $12,000 to ESUCC- $800 per service unit if all units currently participating
      • $2500 for new training for each session and per person
      • Per participant per training cost $500 maintenance cost
    • Thursday, September 17th - DL meeting with NWEA after SDA meeting (2:30 pm)
    • The Strategists will gather a list of concerns regarding the NWEA trainings and get them to Dave next week. Please email your concerns to Suzanne by Monday, May 11, 2015.

12:00-12:30pm Working Lunch

12:30pm- Honoring our departing members
  • Thank you Dave and Lori for your years of service.
  • Penny was crowned "Queen of SDA" in honor of her many years of dedicated service.
  • Denise was recognized for her years of service as a Strategist.
  • Thank you all!!

Facilitation Training Needs- Janet
  • Small group discussions were held to determine facilitation training needs of the group. Ideas were recorded and will be analyzed and researched by the Strategists in June for the April training.

Danielson Group Potential Training/Partnership- Janet
  • A discussion was held to determine interest in having someone from the Danielson Group coming to provide a training for SDA on the Danielson evaluation model. If you are interested in this, please email Kate by the end of May.
  • If ESUs are interested in conducting Danielson Academies that are run similarly to the Marzano Academies, those opportunities will be available.
  • The Danielson Group is also exploring the idea of holding a national conference in the state of Nebraska sometime this fall.

1:50pm Bucket Groups: Continue to work on action plans and identifying areas of need
Assessment & Curriculum

2:45pm Bucket Group Reports
Reports from the Bucket Groups can be found on the Bucket Group Wikis.

Golf and Steak Dinner tonight at the Elks Golf Course
May 6- 8:30am-4:00pm Brad Giese- Education for the Future
May 6- 6:00pm social hour; 6:30pm ESUPDO Celebration Dinner- Holiday Inn
May 7- 8:30am-2:30pm ESUPDO meeting
July 28- 5-7pm NDE Administrators' Days Preview ESU 10, Kearney
  • Potential CIP planning 1:00-4:30pm on July 28 at ESU 10

January 20, 2015

SDA Business Meeting
ESU 10 Kearney, NE 10:00am-3:00pm
Conference Room B
Current Membership List
ESUSDA e-mail list - add yourself if necessary.

10:00am Welcome
Introduce guest: Teresa Osborn, CIA Director at Cozad Community Schools
Electronic Connections: SDA Wiki, DL Connection Dial:

The group reviewed the Business Meeting Norms. The group voted to alter the current norms by removing the statement to norm #4 "such as limiting sidebar conversations and using cell phones."

Any additions to the agenda?
No additions were requested.

Opening Activity: Meet and Greet- Suzanne
"I used to think_. But now I know__."

SDA membership information- Please update your expertise areas; NEW Columns: HAL & Habitude Trainers
SDA Membership Expertise Areas

Strategist Selection- Description of process- Denise
SDA Bylaws
Section 6 — Strategist selection: The strategists shall annually appoint a new member to the Strategist 2 position according to the criteria outlined in Appendix D.

  • Appendix D:The strategists will consider the following criteria when selecting new strategists, including regular annual appointments and openings that result due to attrition:
    • Leadership qualities
    • Participation and involvement in ESUPDO and SDA
    • Areas of expertise
    • Willingness and availability to serve
    • Demographic balance
  • Introduction of new Strategist beginning in June 2015

Based on the above criteria, Julie Downing from ESU 13 was selected to be the new Strategist. Her duties will begin in June.

November 11-12, 2015 Assessment Training- Cassie Erkens, ESU 3 Omaha
These dates have been requested and are currently being held. Formal budget approval is expected to be given in March.

Strategist Report- Janet

The feedback from RCD has been very positive. Some groups are working t
Budgets have been submitted. Crisis Response and Cassie Erkens.
Crisis Response in February will be a "go."
We are communicating closely with NDE to ensure that we are supporting them with their statewide initiatives.
ESUPDO Mission/Vision discussion- Janet

PDO Mission and Vision Statements were reviewed. These statements were created based on feedback from our PDO group work in September. Small group discussions were held among members regarding these drafted statements. The following feedback was shared:

  • The wording is more professional and consistent in the 2nd version.
  • Like how the Core Commitment section was expanded upon. Especially like the statement: “Act with one voice.” Perhaps reword to “speak in a unified voice.”
  • These statements indicated that the sharing of ideas and expertise help to make us better and ensures that our districts get quality assistance.



NDE Updates
Deb Romanek- Math Standards DL from Lincoln

  • Math standards review for college and career ready:
  • Review standards every 5 years. Process for reviewing math standards began this past year.
  • Using NE educators and post secondary educators and NDE in the writing process. The process is consistent with how it has been done in the past with LA.
  • Emphasis on College and Career Readiness in mathematics. “The level of achievement a student needs to be ready to enroll and succeed without remediation in credit bearing first-year post secondary courses.”
  • Nov. 2013: current standards were reviewed by post secondary institutions for their expertise. And given authority to sign off for their institution. All 4 Ne systems were represented.
  • Work with existing standards to make sure they are college and career ready.
  • Simply adopting Common Core is not an option.
  • Necessary for ESEA Flexibility Waiver
  • Ensures Nebraska Students have the same opportunity to learn
  • Expect Board approval of Revised Math Standards late Summer 2015
  • The writing team includes: K-16 Educators, Representing 13 out 19 ESUs, From varying sizes of districts, NDE Specialists
How can SDA members get involved?
  • View webcast of board updates
  • Read math newsletters
  • Check out NDE Website
  • Attend input sessions
  • Complete web survey

New standards will be tested on in 2018 on NeSA.

Diane Stuehmer- AYP DL from Lincoln
  • See information regarding AYP Designations and Consequences on powerpoint above.
  • Will NE apply for a Waiver from NCLB Sanctions? Yes. NDE is working on this.
  • NDE will NOT promise anything in a NCLB waiver request that cannot be fulfilled. The initial request for the waiver will be submitted in April 2015. This waiver will be peer reviewed. Not sure how long this process will take. Not sure if school districts will still have NCLB sanctions if Nebraska receives a waiver. There is a requirement to identify Priority Schools and Focus Schools.
  • When will ESEA be reauthorized? Maybe within the next year. Time will tell.

Jolene Palmer- School Safety

Suicide Prevention LB923:
  • Provide leadership & support for S & S
  • School safety plans collected by NDE
  • Recommend minimum school security standards by Jan. 1. 2016
  • Conduct assessment of security of each public school bldg. by Aug. 2017
  • Oversee suicide awareness/prevention training
  • Establish tornado preparedness standards (districts have 2 drills a year: During first 2 weeks of school and last two weeks of February).
  • Oversee concussion awareness—work with NSAA to accomplish this
Suicide awareness prevention training
  • At least 1 hour annually beginning 2015-16 school year (mandated by legislature)
  • 4 Partners were identified:

  1. NE State Suicide Prevention Coalition
  2. Nebraska Chapter, American foundation for Suicide Prevention
  3. Behavioral Health Education Center of NE
  4. National Alliance of Mental illness Nebraska
Other Partners included:
  • DHHS Behavioral Health
  • Boys Town
  • KIM Foundation
  • NE Association of School Boards
Intent of Law:
  • Equip school personnel with suicide awareness and prevention information
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of suicidal behaviors
  • Employ methods of responding to students in need and crisis
Target Audience:
  • ANY school staff member having contact with students (bus drivers, custodians, teachers, secretarial staff, kitchen staff, paras, etc.) Anybody that has contact with students.
Important to create an equal access for all schools across the state. The first 5 years of this plan are all online. Training costs provided by SAMHSA Grant through DHHS. So far there is no cost to schools. SDA members will be trained in QPR (Question Persuade Respond) so we can assist districts during the next cycle. Trainings will be offered to public schools first. Next year, the trainings will be offered to private schools. Will be working to develop face-to-face training to all schools across the entire state during a designated 15-day timeframe.
Training Preview
  • All NDE and ESU (certified and non certified) will be asked to take training late spring (May) as a preview before schools experience it.
  • More details will be coming. Look at the school safety page on NDE web site.
  • Will be creating a suicide prevention training page on NDE website by July 1

Sue Anderson AQuESTT

  • Next generation system of accountability. More than just ranking schools based on student performance.
  • LB438 requires all schools and districts be classified based on student performance. Valorie Foy has been working on the model that will do this classification. Work to date will be presented to State Board members for the first time in Feb.
  • Designate priority schools after all schools have been classified. Working to identifying schools in most need. More than 3 schools will be identified more than likely. Working to determine how to provide support for all schools that need improvement. Takes into account more than just performance on statewide assessments. Looking at participation, rate of growth, rate of improvement, and graduation rate will also be figured in.
  • Feedback from Public Forums has been very helpful and important. Student forums were also held. Followed a similar format. Underlying theme was “school should be meaningful and there should be caring adults.”
  • Law also outlines the need for intervention teams and who can make up those teams (NDE, district personnel, outside experts). These teams will be compensated for their work and travel. NDE is working to determine who would be valuable to be on these teams.
  • Schools must develop a progress plan that outlines their steps for improvement (with the help of intervention team.) Intervention team will also be monitoring progress. This plan becomes a part of the district overall Improvement Plan.
Rule 10 revision: AQUESTT will be incorporated into Rule 10.
  • Insert AQUESTT Tenants into Rule 10
  • AQUESTT requirements are also spelled out in Section 10
  • Classification of schools needs to happen by August 2015.
  • Designation of priority schools will happen by September 2015.
  • Priority schools must submit improvement plans by Fall 2016.
  • NDE is working to develop a comprehensive communication plan so everyone understands.
  • Data Conference will now be the AQUESTT Conference, Powered by Data. That conference will be held April 27 and 28, 2015. This will help participants become familiar with AQUESTT and see how data can help support next generation system of accountability.

April and Matt Heusman- Progress toward wavier

  • 3 Principles involved in the waiver: College and Career Ready, Accountability, and Instruction and Leadership
  • Items included in the waiver are things that Nebraska is already in place and moving forward.
  • Initial draft will be presented at Feb. Board meeting. After that, input will be gathered from stakeholders across the state-sometime in March.
  • Trying to align the writing of the waiver with AQUESTT

Frieda- Rule 10
AQUESTT Conference will be one of continuous improvement.
  • Registration information will be coming soon.
Rule 10
  • Hearing January 27th.
  • Board makes decisions based on feedback/input that is received at hearing.
  • You can access the draft of Rule 10 on the NDE website. Pieces that have been added or changed are marked in red. Everything that is marked in green is specific to AQUESTT.
  • Advisory Council and/or administrators need to be made aware of the section involving high school health and physical education. There is currently a push for CPR training to be mandated as a graduation requirement. Since graduation requirements are determined by local districts, this will set a precedent as to other graduation requirements that could be mandated in the future. Therefore, NDE is looking for feedback regarding to where CPR should be placed. So far, the only feedback that has been received is indicating that it should be a graduation requirement. Please go to the NDE site and submit written testimony regarding your stance that can be presented at this hearing on January 27th.

Harris Payne- Interactive Map/Move to Conference Room C

Harris's Powerpoint
  • Harris shared the results of a social studies survey that was given Fall 2014.
  • EverFi is a free program that districts can use to help support the teaching of financial literacy.
  • Social Studies Standards Instructional Tool has been updated. It is available on the Social Studies page of the NDE website.
  • Spatial Thinking about Maps on the Scholastic website is a great resource for teachers.
  • http:education/
  • NE Student Atlas Workshops will be held across the state starting this summer.
  • The Big Nebraska Floor Map can be purchased for schools. $2257 (additional travel bag and suitcase would need to be purchased as well)
  • GIS/Soil Conservation workshops will be held across the state this year.

Lunch 12:00pm-12:45pm

Mentor/Mentee Lunch Conference Room G- South Wing
Crisis Team Meeting- Lunch in Teaching & Learning Conference Room

12:45pm SDA Updates

Technology & LMS Update- Dave Ludwig & Scott Issacson, ESUCC
Statewide Technology Plan
Safari Specs Draft
LMS Specs Draft
LB 402
LB 343
LB 49
ESUCC/PDO Calendar 2015-2017
  • The biggest obstacle we currently have facing us regarding technology is the single sign on.
  • IlliniCloud is currently being looked at as a means to a portal and signal sign on system to serve multiple districts. This will help us support everything else that we have in place.
Information regarding LB 402, 343, and 49 are attached.
Two Year Calendar
  • Items in yellow are not completely finalized yet.
  • Please look through and see if there are any conflicts. This is a DRAFT. Any changes need to be requested prior to March.

Crisis Team Level III Trainings- February 3, 10, & 17- Denise
Crisis Team Flyer 2014-2016.docx

All winter trainings will be held.
The Crisis Team will be meeting at lunch tomorrow to determine the future of the Crisis Team trainings.

April 8, 2015 Training @ Norfolk Lifelong Learning Center- Janet
During the morning, we will be working on the Instructional Model that has been used at ESU 6.
During the morning, we will be doing some follow up regarding the training we receive tomorrow from Marcia Kish.
Thursday, April 9, 8-4, Informing Instruction training

  • This will be the face-to-face training. The online component of this fee will follow at a later date.
  • More specific information will be provided during this afternoon’s webinar.
  • Quarterly reports still need to be completed and provided to Deb in addition to the online updates.
  • Register April 9th NWEA Training

Spring Regional Meetings
  • Norfolk - April 17, 9:30-3:00
  • ESU 3 April 14, 9:30-3:00
  • ESU 6 April 15, 9:30-3:00
  • ESU 10 April 16, 9:30-3:30

Revision of Alignment to Reading and Language Usage tests

  • There will be relatively few changes. However, in the fall of 2015, it will be considered a new test version. Since we still have all of the same subgoals, we will still be able to look at longitudinal data.
  • The Phonics subgoal will be removed. It will now only be on the MPG assessment because the survey with goals test doesn’t have any audio with it. To really fully assess phonics, we need audio.
  • This info will be shared more specifically at the spring regional meetings.
  • Quarterly reports will be shared only with individuals who have results

Literacy Cadre- Suzanne
  • April 14, 2015
  • ESU 10 9 - 3
  • Topic: Instructional Coaching
  • Focus on Teaching book study led by Barb Friest and Lori Poppe
Marzano Academy V- Suzanne & Toby
ESU 4, 5, 6, & 9 Principals Retreat- Suzanne & Toby
  • June 18 - 19, 2015
  • June 18, 9:00 - 3:00 Strategic Conversation Workshop with Dr. Robyn Jackson
  • Never Underestimate Your Teachers: Instructional Leadership for Excellence in Every Classroom
  • Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Great Principles of Teaching
  • Robyn Jackson YouTube Video

Nebraska ASCD-Jen M.
The Nebraska ASCD Summer Conference will be held at the Embassy Suites in Lincoln on June 12, 2015. Patti Albright will be presenting information about understanding poverty.

KICKS 2015- Cheryl Roche

K-12 Physical Science 2015: Millard West on June 15-16 and June 22-25

NATS Fall Conference: Sept. 24-26

Peer Coaching Sessions: Sept. 26 – Dec. 12

K-12 Life Science 2015: Scottsbluff Middle School and UNK Bruner Hall of Science June 2-5 and June 9-12
NATS Fall Conference: Sept. 24-26
Peer Coaching Sessions: Sept. 26-Dec. 12

RCD Follow-Up Activity- Kate
Table discussions regarding necessary follow-up was held and the following feedback gathered. The Curriculum Bucket group will use this information in future planning sessions.

Share session to learn how others are integrating RCD pieces
  • ESU 10 Protocol for refining the process
  • ESU 1 Build Your Own Curriculum
  • Construct an overall organized plan integrating NDE Framework, RCD, and Instructional Model
  • Curriculum Bucket group coordinate a statewide collaborative process (of staff developers) to create a template that school districts in need of a sound curriculum revision/development process can use with or without staff developer assistance/facilitation. This will also provide/support the concept of statewide consistency.
  • ESU 6 Curriculum Map

1:45pm Bucket Groups
Assessment- Amy Hill
Curriculum- Kate Hatch
Instruction- Janet Foss
Leadership- Suzanne Whisler

2:45pm Bucket Group Reports

January 21 Marcia Kish Training: 9:00am-3:45pm
January 22 ESUPDO Training: 8:30am-2:30pm

3:00pm Ajourn

3:00-3:45 pm NWEA Certified Trainers Webinar- Conference Room E
CFP Updates - Kelly
State info - Susan
Meet Pat- Onsite Facilitator for April 9
Q and A
Participant Passcode: 89444856#

September 18, 2014

SDA Business Meeting
ESU #3 LaVista, 8:30-2:00

8:30am Welcome- Introduce SDA Strategist Team
Any additions to the agenda?
  • Sara Cooper will be the new Science Curriculum Coordinator at NDE. She officially starts her position next week.

Introduce/Recognize New SDA members: Welcome Sara ESU 3, Dianah ESU 10, Jami ESU 10, NDE partners, Curriculum Director representative Cindy Gray, Elkhorn,other guests

Opening Activity: Mission SDA
Electronic connections: SDA Wiki, DL:

SDA membership information- update
SDA Bylaws- Denise
Bylaws Revisions
  • Proposed changes to the Bylaws were analyzed and discussed.
    • Motion to approve the proposed Bylaws changes was made by Penny B. (ESU 13) Second by Deb W. (ESU 8) Motion carried unanimously.
SDA Mission Revision Process- Denise
  • A committee will be formed to investigate and revisit the current mission statement in January, once the PDO mission statement has been finalized, to ensure that it is in alignment with PDO.
Strategist Report- Janet
  • The Strategists met this summer. Agenda items included: Continued Bucket Group work, RCD upcoming workshop, newly adopted English Language Arts Standards, LB 438 (accountability), Crisis Training options for the year.
Mentoring update- Suzanne
  • Mentors and mentees will be meeting during lunch today. During the course of the year the group will be engaged in a book study of the book Mindset by Carol Dweck.
Request from Kate
RCD training- Kate
  • The Rigorous Curriculum Design training will be held on Nov. 11 and 12, 2014 at ESU 3. Each ESU may invite 2 outside people to attend. Each outside person will be charged $100 to cover the cost of materials and meals. Please register outside people by emailing Deb H. before Oct. 1, 2014. ESU personnel may register on the PDO website.
  • The following link provides example units shared by the consultant that has been working with ESU 10. They were created by her teachers in the San Bernardino City Unified School District in California.

Instructional Model/BlendED: Norfolk, Life Long Learning Center April 8, 2015 9:00am-3:00pm -Janet
  • The Instruction Bucket Group will showcase materials that have been created by the Instruction Bucket Group. These materials are available to all SDA members. A training on Safari Montage and BlendED will also be held that day and led by TAG members.
  • Registration for this workshop can be done on the PDO website.
Professional Development Follow Up: April 9, 2015 8:30am-12:00pm - Janet
  • Day 2 will focus on follow-up of some of the work that we will be focusing on during the course of the year. That specific topic will be determined at a later point in time, depending upon input by SDA membership.
Other items to share:
MRL Academy- Barb and Suzanne
  • MRL Academy V Forms
  • 19.5 teams are currently participating.
  • If you would like to come see what the Academy is like, you are welcome to attend.
  • ESU 4 and ESU 6 are working to plan the 5th Academy. An email regarding specific information for team registration has been send to SDA members. A location will be determined at a later date. Anyone from ESU 4 and ESU 6 would be will to come visit with superintendent groups if other ESUs would like to promote this opportunity. Billing can be done either all at once, or it can be split. The cost for participation is $9000 (plus books) per team.
KICKS3 - Deb Paulman
  • This project has completed the 10th year. This summer K-12 science teachers were working at the same site in an attempt to build science capacity across all grade levels. In addition, each ESU invites at least 1 science teacher to participate in the 3 day leadership workshop. Follow-up tasks include participants returning to their local ESUs to help develop up to 8 hours of professional development that is centered around science for local ESU science teachers. A peer coaching process is also in the process of being developed in an attempt to support and develop depth of understanding and instructional capacity. Deb asked Staff Developers to help support the science teachers in their area regarding this endeavor.
  • The Gifted Association will be offering a Fall Conference featuring Dr. Richard Cash. He will be speaking about differentiation. He will be in Nebraska on Oct. 27th at Northeast Community College.
NMPDS Update- Debbie Schraeder
  • There is still room for teachers to attend the NMPDS workshops this year. Math Champions will be identified from each school district to support and enhance learning and teaching in the area of mathematics.
  • A new project director has been hired this year.
Elementary Science Olympiad- Kellen & Marci
  • Elementary Science Olympiad is growing and becoming more statewide. More opportunities will be offered this fall across the state. Eventually a Middle/High School Olympiad will be added in the Northeast part of the state.

Crisis Team Training Registration Deadline October 1
  • Need a minimum of 45 participants for each training
  • Lunch will be included in their registration costs.
  • Other facilitator options are currently being explored, but this year the facilitator will be Dr. John Dudley.
  • You can access a list of participants by going to the ESUCC website.

NWEA Update- Amy
  • Fall Regional Meetings: Focus is on how to use data to measure student growth
  • Knowledge Academy (Learning Continuum - everyone) and PB Works Training (Applying Reports - cohort 1)
  • 2nd Cohort of Certified Trainers - Climbing the Data Ladder (Doodle sent by Deb Hericks)
    • Climbing the Data Ladder materials is in the process of being updated. Hopefully they will be completed soon.
  • Access to Training Materials in Knowledge Academy (Kelly Tisdale email)
  • Facilitator Certification and Training Support
  • NWEA PD Surveys Per NWEA: It is very important for quality assurance purposes that you complete a workshop report form for each time you deliver NWEA content, as well as provide participants with the opportunity to submit their feedback after a session.
  • A list will be compiled of all SDA members who have been trained in the various MAP trainings in the near future.
10:10am NDE Updates-
Sue Anderson- Nebraska Accountability Model
  • AQuESTT (Accountability for a Quality Educational System for Today and Tomorrow
  • Tenants: Beliefs regarding what is important for a quality education. These Tenants guide the work of the accountability system that is being developed. LB 438 is the statute that requires a revision of Nebraska's accountability system. This is the work that is being done right now.
  • Processes for classifying school performance and Effective responses and strategies are components of this system
  • LB 438 requirements: Establishing performance classification for all schools, identifying 3 priority schools, providing progress planned development for improvement for schools identified in that low category
  • NDE Task Force has been working on developing these processes and procedures since February 2014 to establish goals and principals regarding this legislation to ensure fairness and transparent to be compliant with the law.
  • How do we provide support to schools once this has been done? Intervention teams will be created to work with schools identified for improvement, creating plans for improvement, and monitoring progress of these schools. This is the bigger work that will need to be done. It will involve helping not only just the schools that are identified in the lowest category, but these processes can be helpful to all schools across the state.
  • Model for classification is currently being developed by Task Force. This will be ready to present to State Board for approval in December. Once it is approved, we will begin implementing requirements of LB 438, which is AQuESTT.
  • Once districts are identified, schools will be required to create an improvement plan to identify areas that need attention for improvement. Collaborative effort between improvement team and school.
  • Intervention Teams will consist of no more than 5 people who are qualified to do the work of the interventions needed by each particular school.
  • ESUs will need to help schools even if they are not at the lowest classification level.
  • The first classification list will not be out until late Summer or early Fall 2015.
  • Factors other than NeSA scores are taken into account to determine classification.
Aprille Phillips- Student Achievement Coordinator
  • Aprille will be conducting meetings across the state in the next coming weeks.
Freida Lange- Accountability Policy Forums & CIP workshops
  • All work regarding the Accountability component will be done under the Continuous Improvement umbrella.
  • Joelene Palmer will be the new School Security coordinator for the state.
  • All of the statewide initiatives will help in the Continuous Improvement Process for our districts.
  • Continuous Improvement workshops will be held across the state. Many are registered to attend these workshops that start next week. ESUs are encouraged to analyze participant lists when they are sent to see which districts need to be supported, and which districts need to be encouraged to attend.
  • Policy Forums will be held across the state. Invitations have been distributed statewide. Five meetings will be held all together. Board members, administrators, teachers, and community members are invited to attend. SDA members will serve as recorders/facilitators for these meetings.
Harris Payne- Social Studies Director
  • Harris has a Social Studies Wiki
  • SS Standards will be up for revision in 2017.
  • Financial Literacy is a new component for the current Social Studies Standards. Due to this, more Economics course have been offered in districts across the state. EverFi has been purchased and can be used free of charge to help teach financial literacy as well.
  • A Social Studies Conference will be held in Kearney in 2016. Teachers receive a stipend to attend.
  • Social Studies Standards Instructional Tool has been developed and provides apps, websites resources to help teachers teach the Social Studies Standards. This is on the Wiki and will help teachers in all grade levels.
  • Nebraska Council on Economic Education was held Summer 2014.
  • Jennifer Davidson from the Council of Economic Education will come to ESUs to share resources that will help teachers teach Economics. She will do this at no charge.
  • Constitutional Rights Foundation can help teachers with service learning projects.
  • Nominate Social Studies teachers for the National History Teacher of the Year Award
  • Many other workshops were offered during the past year and Summer 2014.
  • A grant was written to introduce GIS across the state of Nebraska. GIS will provide school site licenses for free to individual teachers.
  • 3 Workshop Proposals for next year include: Soil Conservation using GIS, Nebraska Atlas Project, Historical Studies. If you are interested in having one of these workshops at your ESU, contact Harris.
Teresa Coonts- Special Education
  • New requirements for SPED:
  • Focus on Results Driven Accountability in subgroups. Realigned accountability systems to show a balance between this and accountability.
  • Must also collect data on infants and toddlers and birth to 21 identified students.
  • RDA will align very closely to CIP.
  • Make sure RDA aligns with accountability system of Nebraska.
  • Districts will need to conduct data analysis, identify focus of improvement, review infrastructure for supports and needs, develop a comprehensive multi-year targeted improvement plan (TIP). Each district must do this by Aug. 1, 2015. This improvement plan MUST be part of school improvement plan. SDA will need to work with SPED Directors to ensure that this is happening.
  • Must be measurable and include SMART Goals
  • Training tools are available on the NDE website to help support training
11:30am Legislative Update- Mike Dulaney & Dan Ernst
  • Changes coming: November elections: Due to term limits, 17 or 18 new lawmakers out of 49 will be coming in plus a new governor. They will need to be oriented to education issues.
  • Budget: Trying to preserve amount of state aid that we are currently receiving for education.
  • Education Committee will remain the same.
  • Open Sky (Susie Buffett) They exist to offset what the Platte Institute might do.
  • Platte Institute (far right cut spending and taxes) These groups do not have the same priority for education as we do. There is a forum on Friday. Dan will attend in order to stay abreast of what they are doing.
  • There is a concern that Charter Schools may be implemented in the state (starting in the Metro area) depending upon who the next governor will be.
  • Land valuations for agriculture is currently based on state aid value not fair market value. State aid value is currently being discussed. If this revenue is lost, the state will need to pick up what is lost. There is no money for this without raising taxes.
  • State is currently dealing with a slight short fall.
  • School Law in Kearney will be held in Kearney next week.
  • Nebraska currently has 15 new superintendents and 3 new ESU administrators this year. 6 interim superintendents.
  • Emerging Superintendents workshop will be held in December.
Honoring Sue
  • Sue Anderson, former Director at ESU 3, was honored for her dedication to the Staff Development Affiliate for the past years. We wish her well as she embarks on her new endeavor at NDE.
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:00 Data Analysis for Continuous Improvement Workshop Follow-Up
  • In "A-Teams", discuss what your service unit has done or is planning to do in regards to your learning from July 28-29
  • Pop up- Suzanne
    • Information learned from the Data Analysis for Continuous Improvement Workshop has been used in a variety of ways thus far. Some districts have used the information when facilitating data retreats, working with districts to create vision/mission statements, and creating data cadres within school districts.
1:00-1:50 Bucket Groups
  • Assessment/Data- Amy Hill
  • Curriculum- Kate Hatch
  • Instruction-Janet Foss
  • Leadership-Suzanne Whisler
Notes from each Bucket Group's meeting can be found by clicking on the Bucket Group links on the left hand side of this page.

1:50-2:00 Bucket Group Reports
  • Assessment/Curriculum-Kate Hatch
    • This group discussed the need for a follow-up workshop to the RCD workshop that focuses on quality formative assessment. Several quality facilitators were listed. The group decided to contact Leadership and Learn and Cassie Erkens from Solution Tree and gather the following information: availability, cost, tailoring workshop to meet the needs of SDA. This information will be discussed at the November Strategist meeting.
  • Instruction- Janet Foss
    • This group continued work on the Instructional Model: define it and how to help districts establish it. ESU 6 has done a lot in this area. Steps to accomplish this were prioritized and the group will continue to add information to the Wiki so it can be shared with SDA in April.
  • Leadership- Suzanne Whisler
    • Priorities for the year were established. A list of actionable items was created and included: teacher/principal evaluation and working with Donnlyn Rice at NDE, work with districts to identify instructional model (this work will be done in conjunction with the Instruction Bucket).
2:00- Exit Ticket
2:15-3:00 NWEA Conference Call with Amy Gordon, Kelly Tisdale, Susan Klassen
  • 1-888-827-6039 Participant Passcode: 89444856#
  • Applying reports update, Learning Continuum updates, CDL revision information, Communication pieces