Sept 11 & 12, ESUPDO at ESU 3, LaVista 9:00 - 3:30
Sept 13, SDA Meeting at ESU 3, LaVista 9:00 - 3:00
Nov 27 & 28, SDA Training at ESU 10, Kearney 9:00 - 3:00 Room B
  • Day 1: 9-3:00 Donlynn Rice: Common Core Standards
  • Day 2: 9:00 -3:00 Marzano Proficiency Scales
January 15, SDA Meeting at ESU 10, Kearney 9:00 - 3:00
January 16 & 17, ESUPDO at ESU 10, Kearney 9:00 - 3:30
Apr 10, SDA Training at ESU 10, Kearney 9:00-3:00 Supervision of Instruction
May 7, SDA Meeting at ESU 10, Kearney 8:30 - 3:30
May 8 & 9, ESUPDO at ESU 10, Kearney 9:00 - 3:30

May 7, 2013

SDA Business Meeting
ESU #10 Kearney
8:30- 9:45

  • Provide necessary updates
  • Celebrate our Members
  • Welcome
  • Announcement of new strategist - Janet Foss
  • LC Report - Jeff McQuistan
    • New LC advisory group: Matt Blomstedt transitioning to an advisory board, representatives from a variety of different groups, affiliates select who will represent them, Advisory Board will begin in the fall.
    • SDA representative - recommendation from the strategists: Chair and Recorder; this is the current language in our bylaws.
    • ESU PDO Sessions May 8 and 9 - see draft agenda
  • Strategist Report - Denise O'Brien
    • Met Monday, May 6th to plan today's meeting; finished "Outlier" book study
  • Courtesy Fund Committee
    • Asked for volunteers
  • Tuesday, July 30th - NDE Update @ ESU 10, 5:00-7:00 pm
    • More information will be shared this summer; May be a meeting for SLDS, and Teacher/Principal Evaluation (Student Learning Objectives)
  • Updates
    • KICKS
      • Deb Paulman thanked the group for recruiting and promotional efforts; All institutes are full and some have waiting lists. Deb has a list of who is participating this summer at training events across the state. July 1 & 2nd is leadership event (Links). Received funding for another 3 years.
    • NMPDS
      • ESUCC will be the lead fiscal agent next year. NATM Conference in Kearney will be first activity; January 2014-June 2014 training. Special training for a math cadre member and one teacher at each ESU to assist with training. Received funding for next 3 years. Carol Jessen will continue to be involved.
    • ESU 3 Marzano Trainings
      • Still room for districts to register for Common Core workshop
    • ESU 2 & 7 have 14 districts for their Marzano Academy
    • Crisis TeamTraining
    • Anita Archer training
      • NASCD - June 24th; Nebraska ASCD Summer Conference: Scaffolding Written Expression Instruction for Student Success with Dr. Anita Archer; Registration link
      • ESU 2 - July 29-30th
      • ESU 4 - May 28-29 Explicit Instruction: A Tool to Maximize Instruction Grades K-12May 30 A Day with Anita Archer for Elementary Teachers, Improving Writing Instruction Grades K-4
        May 31 A Day with Anita Archer for Secondary Teachers, Strategies to Support Informational Reading Grades 4-12

      • ESU 9 -June 3--Grades K-6 Active Participation, Vocabulary, and ComprehensionJune 4-5--Grades 4-12 Active Participation, Vocabulary, and Comprehension; June 4-5 is worth 1 credit from Hastings College and Doane

    • Learning Forward Standards - Chad Dumas
      • Standards for Professional Learning were highlighted - shift from staff development to professional learning.
      • Will be having a lunch meeting on Weds. of Administrator Days in Kearney.
      • Partnering with NCSA to assist with registration.
    • Retirements:
      • Mitzi Hoback, ESU 4
      • Becky Brandl, ESU 8
      • Carol Jessen, ESU 8
      • Kathy Pramstaller, ESU 13
      • Michael Pruter, ESU 15
    • Others leaving our family
      • Lisa Smith, ESU 9
      • Anthony Dancer, LPS
  • Adjournment at 9:42 a.m.

  • Future SDA dates:
    • Tues/Weds: Sept. 10 & 11, ESU 3, LaVista
      • ESUPDO: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
    • Thurs: Sept. 12, ESU 3, LaVista
      • SDA Meeting: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
    • Tues/Weds: Nov. 12 & 13, ESU 10, Kearney
    • Tues: Jan. 21, 2014, ESU 10, Kearney
      • SDA Meeting: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
    • Weds/Thurs: Jan. 22 & 23, 2014, ESU 10, Kearney
      • ESUPDO: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
    • Tues/Weds: Apr. 8 & 9, 2014, NECC, Norfolk
      • Training: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
    • Tues: May 6, 2014, ESU 10, Kearney
      • SDA Meeting: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
    • Weds/Thurs: May 7 & 8, 2014, ESU 10, Kearney
      • ESUPDO: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

January 15, 2013

SDA Business Meeting
ESU #10 Kearney

  • Provide Updates on State-wide Initiatives
  • Determine Long Range Professional Development Plan

  • Discuss Budgeting Process
Bloom's Taxonomy Seinfeld
Bloom's Pirates
Bloom's Andy

9:00 Welcome
Today's Meet Backchannel:
Transcript from TodaysMeet
SDA Todaysmeet.png

Opening Activity: Celebrate Success

Revisit/process November Training
  • Go back to November 27-28 training (wikipage)
    • Review the information on the wiki for Common Core. How can you use these with your schools? What are your plans?
      • Math resources Deb R. shared have been used at a ESU 6 school.
      • ESU 2 principal meeting - shared ppt's to give an overview, had great discussion, and increased awareness. Have also emailed resources to administrators.
      • ESU 8 has created a Common Core wiki and added the resources.
      • ESU 7 has shared information with supts.
      • Reading Cadre felt need to not put "Nebraska twist' on the CCSS, instead prefer to have time to instruct on instructional strategies.
      • ESU 3 has some CCSS resources on a wiki.
      • Lenny's Common Core wiki page
    • Review the information on the wiki for MRL Scales. How can you use these with your schools? What are your plans?
      • ESU 6 modeled the scales at a school, and then had teachers write a scale on how to carve a pumpkin.
      • UNL is using them with graduate courses (Julie Downing).
      • Penny: NDE said scales would be part of Teacher Evaluation, or would use state PLD's if did not have.
      • ESU 2 working once a month with a Wahoo (part of Marzano Academy) and they are working to have proficiency scales written for each class; next year want to focus on common assessments, and standards based report card. HS teachers loved the simple form best on the proficiency scales. Have webinars and a podcast available Eileen can share.
      • ESU 10 thinking about concepts for teachers to be able to utilize and how might create a college credit course. Tools and interconnectedness on reflective conversation to Marzano Teacher Evaluation piece are a nice fit.
      • It's difficult to identify the Essentials - must unpack the standards first and then limit the number of essentials.
      • Could do a "Stars-like" training on scales: bring Social Studies teachers together to create. Difficult ones are the non-core classes, so may want to start with IT, Business, etc.

ESUPDO dates:
  • January 16 & 17, ESU 10, Kearney
    • January 16 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
    • January 17 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • May 8 & 9, ESU 10, Kearney
    • Joint PDO Event

Future SDA dates:
  • Weds: April 10, ESU 10, Kearney 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
    • Training: Mitch Kubicek -Principals supervising instruction (how to train principals and have framework - language of instruction, feedback on instruction, how to set goals). Toby provided a preview of the training. - Overview
  • Tues: May 7, ESU 10, Kearney
    • SDA Meeting: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Tues/Weds: Sept. 10 & 11, ESU 3, LaVista
    • ESUPDO: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
  • Thurs: Sept. 12, ESU 3, LaVista
    • SDA Meeting: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Tues/Weds: Nov. 12 & 13, ESU 10, Kearney
  • Tues: Jan. 21, 2014, ESU 10, Kearney
    • SDA Meeting: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Weds/Thurs: Jan. 22 & 23, 2014, ESU 10, Kearney
    • ESUPDO: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
  • Tues/Weds: Apr. 8 & 9, 2014, NECC, Norfolk
    • Training: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Tues: May 6, 2014, ESU 10, Kearney
    • SDA Meeting: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Weds/Thurs: May 7 & 8, 2014, ESU 10, Kearney
    • ESUPDO: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

SDA Wiki:
SDA Bucket Group Wiki:
SDA By-laws Wiki:
ESUPDO EdCamp Wiki:

Updates on Statewide Initiatives
  • Strategists - Denise O'Brien
    • Denise provided an update on the most recent strategist meetings. The December meeting was via Google Hangout with 6 connections and it worked really well. Everyone was able to stay connected and clearly hear. The book we are reading is The Outliers​.
  • PDO Leadership Committee - Jeff McQuistan
    • PDO January 16 and 17(96 registered, 36 SDA)
      • Opportunity to co-plan with NDE, higher ed., and other Affiliates on 4 NDE statewide initiatives
    • PDO Bylaws Proposal (restructuring of LC membership and leadership). Feedback from Affiliate requested:
      • LC Co-Chairs: 1) eliminate past co-chair positions, 2) 2 co-chairs, 2-year term, select 1 co-chair each year, 3) to transition we will select 2 co-chairs this year--a 1-year term and a 2-year term
      • LC Membership: 1) 2 members from each affiliate, 4-year term, 2) select 1 representative every 2 years - not required to be in a current leadership position, 3) to transition LC will determine a rotation schedule that will involve some 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-year positions.
    • 2013-2014 budgeting
    • 2013-2014 calendar proposal
    • 1-2 LC meetings prior to May
      • Feb DL meeting (budgeting, ESUCC report prep (for April ESUCC meeting, May Event planning)
      • Mar DL meeting (if needed and if Feb DL is successful)
      • Year-end celebration events: Golf and Celebration Night in May (all Affiliate groups)
  • NWEA June Training - Deb Hericks
    • TOT Climbing the Data Ladder - June 3 & 4, ESU 3; June 6 & 7, ESU 10
      • Online training will occur first (6 weeks prior to, starting approx. April 22nd), and then face-to-face training.
      • Is a possibility that the entire TOT cadre could be trained on both Climbing the Data Ladder and Growth & Goals, but those details still need to be clarified.
      • Anticipate Fall 2013 for Growth & Goals TOT training
    • Monthly Forecasting forms no longer have to be filled out
      • Monthly forecasting tool is used by NWEA to keep track of training by certified trainers. NWEA is updating their forms.
      • NWEA MAP Participant Survey - used for full day or half day (3 hours) training. NWEA reviews these surveys.
        • We can create our own surveys that are more pertinent to shorter training.
  • School Improvement Workshops - Freida Lange
    • Freida thanked everyone for their involvement and support in the regional training and with the schools. Had large numbers of participants at each regional workshop, and added an additional training. (Approximately 900 people total)
    • NDE
      • NDE representatives (and 9 of 16 Higher Ed reps) will be at the Jan. 16th ESUPDO meeting and talking about pieces that need to be under Continuous Improvement, and how we can all work together to help schools improve.
      • Donlynn Rice & Jim Havelka will be meeting after today's SDA meeting with staff developers concerning Teacher/Principal Evaluation pilot.
      • Mary Ann Losh/Joleen: Positive Behavior Supports (no report)
  • Science Kicks 2 - Deb Paulman
    • Website where you can download the 2013 Brochure
    • Online Application 2013
    • 6th year for the grant and training. Will be 2 Elem offerings: one at ESU 10, and also Henry Doorly Zoo. Middle School will be at Cedar Point Biological Station (UNL research facility by Lake McConaughy). High School will be physics institute at Millard West. Physics will be a state-wide offering (Tyler B. will be instructor).
    • Will be applying for next round of MSP grant; includes a significant coaching component.
  • Crisis Team Training - Denise O'Brien
  • Marzano Academy 3- Barb Freisth
    • MOUMRL Academy 2013.docx

    • Have 10 teams already and room for 5 more teams. Dates are in June, Sept, and April- listed on MOUMRL. Have issued an invitation to Higher Ed to attend first day of the training with Dr. Marzano. Flyer with location of training will be posted shortly.
    • Looking for an ESU to co-host the 2014-15 Academy.
    • Have allowed schools to split the $8800 cost for 10 people over 2 years. Some schools are sharing a team with another school.

Long Range Professional Development Planning
  • Bucket Group time
  • Planning Sheet
    • Reflection of what we have done
    • Takes the place of the "one time" needs assessment
    • Guiding Questions
      • What are your group's most pressing needs?
      • How do these align with the NDE priorities?
        • Teacher/Principal Evaluation
        • State Wide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS Grant)
        • Assessment (C4L/Writing Assessment)
        • Curriculum (Nebraska Standards, Common Core, CTE Education)
      • What is your recommendation for training sessions? Include:
        • Training Session(s)
        • Budget Needs
        • Dates

  • Reconvene
  • Report by Bucket Group
    • Assessment
        • NWEA MAP Training Evaluation
          • Could be used for 1 hour up to a full day training for MAP training by Nebraska trainers.
        • Proficiency Scales 2 day training, April 2014 (Marzano)
          • Would like to create a statewide repository of scales that are created so that all Nebraska educators can access them.
    • Curriculum
      • Career Readiness Standards Overview (Gregg Christensen)
      • Social Studies Standards Overview and Unpacking of the Standards (Harris Payne)
      • Solidify a good process for Curriculum Alignment, and how to integrate Marzano Scales in creating a better curriculum
      • Process of developing Essential Learnings: possible 2 day training.
      • Common Core - potential workshop utilizing Marzano associates.
    • Instruction
      • Discussed the Jim Knight November 12 & 13, 2013 training and completed a budget sheet. Would receive Jim's book. Feel schools should be invited to attend the training (1-2 per ESU).
      • Important to coordinate training with TAG group so we can attend each other's training.
      • Behavior systems/Classroom management training with SPED group, being aware of and coordinating training.
      • Teaching with Poverty in Mind (Ruby Payne) was discussed as a possible training by ESU staff.
    • Leadership
      • Discussed April 2013 training - utilizing an instructional framework for observation, reflection and improvement (Mitch Kubicek).
      • Put together 4 phases or modules of principal training: Fall 2013 - Module 1 & 2, East and West. Spring 2014 - Module 3 & 4, East and West. Have these like the boot camps. Would be different dates than the SDA training dates. Felt SDA group members could help create the modules. Recommendation is to partner with NCSA.
        • Module 1: Developing an Instructional Framework
        • Module 2: Utilizing an Instructional Framework for Classroom Observations
        • Module 3: Feedback, Reflection, and Conversations
        • Module 4: Goal Setting and Improvement
          • Google Hangout dates for planning:
            • April 12th 9 - 11:00 am
            • April 23rd 2 - 3:30 pm
            • May 2nd 2 - 3:30 pm
            • Will provide update at the May 7th SDA meeting
  • Discussion of most pressing needs
  • Recommendation for 2013-14 Budget
  • NASCD will be having Anita Archer Writing, June 24th, Omaha

Adjourn by 3:00

September 13, 2012

SDA Business Meeting
ESU #3 LaVista, 9:00-3:00 Calamus/Platte

9:00 Welcome
Introduce/Recognize New SDA members (Welcome back Michelle!, Welcome Dallas and Diane!), NDE partners (Valorie Foy), Curriculum Director representative (none present).
Table groups shared a personal and professional success.

Update membership list

ESUPDO dates:
  • January 15 & 16, ESU 10, Kearney Feedback from these 2 days at ESU 3 and a survey to be sent will determine the training. Want to make it meet everyone's needs.
  • May 8 & 9, ESU 10, Kearney
  • 2013-14 Draft Calendar

SDA dates:
  • November 27 ESU 10, Kearney Donlynn Rice, Common Core Overview
  • November 28, Educator Framework, Learner Engagement or other? Content cadres?
  • January 15, ESU 10, Kearney, SDA meeting
  • April 10, ESU 10, Kearney, 9-3 Outside Facilitator: Learner Engagement, Room E and F
  • May 7, ESU 10, Kearney, SDA meeting; Celebration

SDA Wiki:
SDA Bucket Group Wiki:
SDA By-laws Wiki:
ESUPDO EdCamp Wiki:

State Writing Discussion
  • Tables discuss plans
  • Share out
    • ESU 9 has fall and spring regional writing/scoring of papers, data review by trait, and compare to state and rest of ESU area
    • ESU 1, 2, 7, 8 & 17 having regional writing, scoring, and data retreat (one day for 4th, 8th, and 11th)
    • ESU 1 having 1-day writing training (overview of state writing, scoring practice, ideas & organization training), Sept. 25th
    • ESU 16 grammar instruction to improve writing and test scores Oct 29 &30; online & on demand writing training Oct 10 & 11; Basic 6 traits Oct 22 & 23 (Julie Barger providing each training)
    • ESU 8 Gloria Christiansen is Step-Up to Writing trainer
    • ESU 6 spring regional writing/scoring training, Conversations "nuts & bolts" with districts, 6 trait/On-demand training possibly
    • ESU 4 analytic training and has 6 trait webinars
    • ESU 13 want to push beyond what currently doing (look at words in rubric - what looks like teaching and to student), composing on the computer. May resurrect writing cadre.
    • ESU 3 writing scoring for schools each year; re-programmed data system - 6 scores for 6 traits, and also domain score to act as a predictor. Teaching traits with tech component; Customized scoring events for districts. Teaching Traits with Technology wiki:
    • ESU 7 has school teams attend 6 trait awareness writing training
    • ESU 10 regional writing and scoring; Jen Letheby (Write Tools) genre specific training (Nov 13, 14, 15). Write tools 101 last summer
    • ESU 11 going into schools to work with staff on grade level bands, writing across the curriculum; scoring and rubrics into teachers hands.
    • Deb W. asked if there was interest in creating webinars as support to teachers and/or a wiki (could be worked on Nov. 28).
    • ESU 17 writing wiki:
    • ESU 4 has a 6 Trait wiki with webinars: Suzanne & Mitzi may create an on-demand writing webinar.

  • Deb Wragge - RtI Math Workshops, Dr. Erica Lembke (Missouri State)
    • First training in the series is Sept 21 in Sidney. These are overview training. Space still available at all locations.
    • UNL RtI group has not directly talked to ESU RtI math group about the training or conversations that are occurring. UNL RtI may be offering an invite-only math training to districts already involved in reading RtI. They are working on a math guide to share with districts.
    • Book study completed
  • Carol Jessen- NMPDS
    • JaLena Slack is now middle school math instructor at Crete; Carol has now assumed Math Grant responsibilities (thanked group trainers, and cadre member for their work)
    • The overview does not contain teacher numbers for this year: 141 K-6 teachers, over 170 in MS/HS (largest # ever had!).
  • Deb Paulman
    • KICKS (Deb thanked the group)
    • Summer had 132 participants, Elem institutes in Norfolk, McCook, Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Neb City; MS in Lincoln; HS in Grand Island
    • KICKS Leadership group is trained in July; expectation is to then deliver training at the ESU's (people trained included in the list)
    • Deb shared letter from a teacher who was part of the KICKS training.
    • Nebraska Association of the Gifted (NAG) - NAG Link
    • Deb shared training opportunities for classroom teachers: See attached flyers for details, dates and registration information.
  • Susan Evans - Nancy Headrick Trainer-of-Trainers Workshop for ESU Staff Developers October 1, 2012 ESU 10; Nancy comes from High Schools that Work; applicable for all content areas; will receive free access to all materials if attend training.
  • Denise O'Brien - Crisis Team Trainings: Need 50 registrations to hold each training. If not enough registered will cancel. Cap will be 75 registrations.
  • Toby Boss - School Improvement Workshops; External Review Training September 25-26 Lincoln (Contact Freida Lange if need people trained; possibly will be a training in the west)
  • Joelene Dredge & Barb Friesth - ESU 2 and ESU 7 Marzano Academy: Need 10 schools
    • June 11-12, 2013 (Fremont?)
    • September 26-27, 2013 (Fremont?)
    • April 3-4, 2014 (Columbus?)

  • Valorie Foy, NDE Assessment Director
    • Provided "The View" summary based on fall assessment talks across the state (see ppt for specific information shared).
    • NSSRS, C4L Update, Writing, NeSA, NePAS (Nebraska Performance Accountability System)
    • C4L WebExes to demonstrate how to use new testing engine Oct. 30 & 31; NDE is looking at providing ESU access to C4L
    • Want prompt writing and field testing to continue to be completed within Nebraska; State Board of Education set the cut score standard higher - if ideas or organization falls into the 2 range will be difficult for student to be proficient because of new rating.
    • Rangefinding of what kind of writing is a "1", "3", etc. is completed by Neb. educators. Jen M. requested knowing if sample papers represent high, middle, or low end of the rubric score.
    • DRC scorers have to pass a test to be a scorer; 5 paragraph writing is not expected. All scorers are in one location and use computers to complete the scoring. 4th grade papers are scanned into the computer. Their scoring is verified periodically during the scoring process.
    • Students - higher the number of minutes taking the test (up to 60 minutes) the higher their score; Not true for 90 minutes, except for Sped. Is about teaching kids how to use their time for on-demand writing.
    • Need 8th and 11th grade classrooms to field test writing prompts.
    • NePAS- originated from state legislated bill.
    • NePAS ranking - will be 4 scores: 3 grade-level configurations (3-5, 6-8, 9-12) and school district (gr. 3-12, all #'s added together). Status - how NeSA scale scores ranked; Improvement - different students in grade span and difference in growth; Growth - same students; Participation - % tested who met/not met. Schools who tie will receive the same ranking. Under 10 will be masked, 30 students in a group will be included.
    • New SAA update by end of September
    • "The View with Valorie" will be recorded and posted to NDE's website
    • Valorie added one ESU person to receive information. Toby will send any information to the ESUSDA listserve.

10:15 Break

10:30 Bucket Group work
ESU Discussions
Respond to the needs of your districts and/or your major initiatives on the following google doc:
ESU Bucket Group Feedback

Process last 2 days
  • What does this mean for our Bucket?
    • Table discussion
    • Share out
  • November 28 - what do we need (if anything?)
Essential Questions:
  • What should our work be this year?
  • What should we provide to the rest of the organization?
  • Over the next 2 years?
  • Needs assessment
  • Possible trainings
  • Scout to find new best practices
  • What are the needs of schools?

12:00 Working Lunch

12:45pm Continued Bucket Group work
  • November 28 ideas
  • April 10: Instruction bucket group: Outside Facilitator: Learner Engagement
  • Provide input about 2013-14 training needs

2:30pm Share out
November 27th - Donlynn - understand Common Core
November 28th -Mitzi - Marzano Scales, Grading or Overview of MAP data and how to analyze data or Aligning of Curriculum with Standards

Curriculum Long-term:
Lang. Arts and Social Studies revision, possible more on Common Core

Assessment: Possible wiki with resources, podcasts, webinars for MAP; NWEA bringing Dylan Wiliam to Omaha next spring; Grading and Authentic Vocabulary Assessment - discussed possible presenters
Instruction: Adult coaching and feedback is most pressing need (2 day training) - how to and application
Leadership: Principals supervising instruction (how to train principals and have framework - language of instruction, feedback on instruction, how to set goals). Possible training by Mitch Kubicek (ESU 6).